DTM 2019 likely to be two-marque “transition year”

10 October 2017

Head of BMW Motorsport Jens Marquardt has said that 2019 is likely to be too soon for a new manufacturer to join DTM, so the series will be a two-way contest between Audi and BMW.

DTM’s future has been called into question after Mercedes’ decision to quit at the end of the 2018 season in order to run a works entry in DTM. The future of DTM looks uncertain, with Audi insisting the series needs a third marque to be viable. One possible option being weighed is the creation of a common set of ‘Class One’ regulations between DTM and the Japanese Super GT championship in order to lure the Japanese manufacturers to the German series. As part of this convergence, DTM is set to adopt four cylinder two-litre turbo engines, as well as chassis compatible with Super GT’s GT500 class. However, these changes are not set to come into effect until 2019.

In the meantime, meetings with representatives from several manufacturers have reportedly taken place, but Marquart reckons another manufacturer won’t be ready to compete until 2019.

He said: “2019 will be a transition year. We need to have a look at the Class One regulations again to see whether we need to adjust them again. You can work the issue with only two brands for a certain time-frame, but this time-frame really is short. The clock is ticking away for 2019. We need to work on it immediately and consistently. We need to achieve compatibility with the Japanese. Class One has been around for quite a time and we’ve made only little adjustments.”


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