ORECA feels “unfairly penalised” by LMP2 joker rules

16 October 2017

French racing outfit ORECA has criticised performance regulations designed to allow rival LMP2 manufacturers to close the performance gap to its dominant 07.

The manufacturer’s president, Hugues de Chaunac, said the constructor feels ‘unfairly penalised’ by the Automobile Club de l’Ouest and the ‘joker’ upgrades it has allowed for the Ligier, Dallara and Riley LMP2 cars. The ACO confirmed the decision on Saturday, which it hopes will limit the dominance of the ORECA 07 in the LMP2 class.

ORECA criticised the decision, arguing that the move was a step towards a Balance of Performance-style system. “As the only manufacturer not allowed to develop its car, Oreca finds itself unfairly penalised today, together with all the teams which have put their trust in us and have successfully entered the Oreca 07,” the manufacturer said in a statement.

“In the early days of the project, all LMP2 players had agreed on the idea of open competition between four chassis manufacturers sharing the same rules, with the same engine too. Less than a year in, we are now moving towards a balance of performance system which has nothing to do with this original idea.

“Originally, performance evolutions were possible and clearly intended to make sure that no manufacturer facing difficulties would be left by the wayside. Only one of us is in this situation today.”

The manufacturer added that it was also “regrettable” that IMSA results weren’t considered when concessions were granted to other chassis manufacturers, given the rule tweaks will also have an impact on the WeatherTech SportsCar Chamionship, whose DPi formula is derived from LMP2.


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