Peugeot reveals upgraded 308TCR

3 January 2018

Peugeot has revealed its new 308TCR, which is ready to compete in the inaugural season of the World Touring Car Cup.

The model is distinct from the 308 Racing Cup, which the French manufacturer had previously made to TCR rules and competed in various regional series last year. Peugeot describes the new 308TCR as a ‘significant evolution’ of the 308 Racing Cup, but with a different philosophy targeting ‘absolute performance’.

The car’s engine has been proven to withstand significant amounts of power per litre. It has undergone extensive work to the induction, the exhaust and turbocharging, meaning the 4-cylinder block puts out 350 horsepower  and 310 lb-ft of torque from 3000 rpm, yet maintaining the potential to cover 5000 kilometres, or nearly double the amount needed for the entire WTCR season.

Delivering the power to the wheels is a bespoke 6 speed sequential gearbox, which is strengthened compared to the Peugeot 308 Racing Cup, and controlled by steering wheel-mounted paddles. To improve handling, the track has been significantly widened, while a specific suspension layout, ball joint suspension all-round and adjustable anti-roll bars give the car strong turn-in and a compliant rear end.


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