Todt revives idea of global engines

4 January 2018

Jean Todt, the president of the FIA, has revived the idea of using global engines across a variety of different series in a bid to rein in the costs of developing a power unit solely for F1.

Moving forward, F1 engines are set to become more standardised, with plans for 2021 engines including shared parts to control costs, thereby encouraging new teams and suppliers to join the sport.

But Todt has suggested taking this approach even further and feels that a more universal set of engine regulations across many different series could be an attractive option. He highlighted that, especially given the three-engine rule which is coming into F1 in 2017 and is forcing manufacturers to place increased emphasis on reliability, the World Endurance Championship’s LMP1 class could be an ideal candidate for sharing engine rules with F1.

“We have completely different engines, so would it make sense to anticipate a future for the endurance championship using this synergy – which incidentally is covering the same kind of mileage,” said Todt.

“Probably what we should say, which is not easy as well, is could we use this [F1] engine in other categories of motorsport? At the moment each category of motorsport has its own single regulations, so probably we should try to see if we can have some synergies.”


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