Hyundai’s upgrades target R5 frontrunners

12 February 2018

Hyundai hopes its i20 R5 will be even faster when it competes in the FIA European Rally Championship this season, after engineers from the team’s Customer Racing department uprated the car’s powerplant, improved its variable valve timing and made a new engine map. According to Hyundai Motorsport, this will ‘gather more power from the 1.6 litre engine, as well as greater throttle response due to a reworked ALS strategy’.

In order to make the changes, which are outside of the original homologation, Hyundai used its final ‘joker’. Away from the engine the company also tweaked the handling, implementing new damper specifications for both tarmac and gravel rallies, and introduced a wider range of differential ramps. This, Hyundai reckons, will allow its customers to ‘harness greater performance from the i20 R5 as they seek to be competitive in their respective championships.’

“In our efforts with the i20 R5 and our customers we are always aiming to make sure they can compete at the very front of whatever championship they choose,” explained Hyundai Motorsport Customer Racing Department manager Andrea Adamo. “The rapid pace of development within the R5 category means that we constantly have to be working in order to guarantee this. These latest improvement are the most important we have made since the car’s debut, and will allow our customers to again challenge for rally wins and championship titles around the world. This season our customers are competing in a wider range of championships, so we have to make sure we continue our work in order for them to be on the pace in all conditions.”

The latest developments will be fitted to all brand-new i20 R5 delivered following the March 1 homologation date. Existing customers, meanwhile, will be able to apply the changes to their cars from the same date as they prepare for their 2018 campaigns.


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