More flat-out F1 in 2019, with fuel limit increase

18 April 2018

Formula One drivers are set to have more fuel at their disposal in 2019 after an increase from 105 kg to 110 kg has been agreed in the sport’s Strategy Group meeting in Paris. The move, which is welcomed by the teams, will enable drivers to “use the engine at full power at all times”, and reduce the amount of time spent driving conservatively to save fuel – an element of the sport that is unpopular with fans.

The increased fuel allowance has been made necessary thanks to the cars being heavier and having greater levels of downforce under the current regulations, which in turn makes them thirstier. This has placed greater emphasis on fuel management during races.

Other measures to be brought in next year include the separation of the driver’s weight and that of the car, as the current system puts taller, heavier drivers at a disadvantage. From next year it  is expected that the minimum driver weight will be set at 80 kg, with ballast required for anyone weighing less.

The ongoing discussion surrounding aerodynamics also continued, with the FIA aiming to take a decision by the end of this month, once research carried out by the governing body, which is being assisted by the teams, has been concluded.


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