World Motorsport Symposium cabinet confirmed

27 October 2016

The star-studded 2016 Race Tech World Motorsport Symposium (WMS) cabinet, which brings the most influential members of the motorsport industry, has been announced.

Craig Wilson, Managing Director at Williams Advanced Engineering, Pascal Vasselon, Technical Director at Toyota Motorsport Gmbh and Nick Carpenter, Engineering Director at Delta Motorsport Ltd are just some of the cabinet members that will join the WMS16.

The Race Tech World Motorsport Symposium, dubbed the ‘Davos of motorsport’,  is one of the most prestigious and exclusive international forums for the who’s who of motorsport engineering to get together openly discuss industry issues and to air new ideas.

It is chaired every year by Audi Sport Engine development director Ulrich Baretzky and Formula 1 aerodynamicist John Iley. The WMS awards dinner has been coined as the motorsport industry equivalent of the Nobel Prize.

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The full cabinet for WMS16 has been confirmed and is listed below:

Ulrich Baretzky, Director, Audi Sport Engine Management

John Iley, Director, Iley Design

Pascal Vasselon, Technical Director, Toyota Motorsport Gmbh

Gilles Simon, Engineering Consultant

Vincent Beaumesnil, Sport Director, Automobile Club De L’ouest

Dialma Zinelli, Chief Aerodynamicist, Dallara Automobili

Peter Riches, Technical Director, Btcc

Thomas Kraemer, Team Management Lmp1, Porsche Motorsport

Ben Bowlby, Owner, Bbr

Sergio Rinland, Sergio Rinland Consulting

Craig Wilson, Managing Director, Williams Advanced Engineering

Nick Carpenter, Engineering Director, Delta Motorsport Ltd

Steve Sapsford, Director- Business Strategy, Ricardo

Ian Constance, Chief Executive Officer, Advanced Propulsion Centre Ltd

Prof David Greenwood, Advanced Propulsion Systems, Wmg

Fred Tuerk, Vice President, Mahle Motorsport

Dr Peter Schoeggl, Vice President, Avl List Gmbh

Albert Klein, CFO and Sales Director, Fit Ag

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