High performance aluminium alloy

9 August 2016 Scalmalloy® : High performing aluminum alloy now available for metal laser sintering ( DMLS ) Now CRP Meccanica can manufacture your 3D Printed metal end parts using the Scalmalloy® aluminiumalloy produced and distributed by APWorks(Airbus group). The Scalmalloy® aluminium alloy provides mechanical performance clearly superior to all aluminum alloys currently available on the metal 3D Printing market. Compared to traditional AlSi10Mg, the Scalmalloy® alloy tensile strength has a higher value of 50 %, the yield strength is more than double and the elongation at break is nearly triple . CRP offers a turnkey product combining the potential of DMLS with the mechanical processes for high precision CNC machining, and the Scalmalloy® alloy can be considered the successful key in motorsport industry .


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