Nissan to use its own leg protection in Supercars

17 August 2017

Nissan Motorsport is to use its own leg protection in the Australian Supercars Championship, and will debut its custom system in Sydney this weekend.

The team began assessing its option for leg protection in the wake of Rick Kelly’s crash in Tasmania. With the available off-the-peg solutions not a clear fit for the Altima platform, the team has decided to go with its own design.

“We didn’t have a lot of choice as far as how we implemented the leg protection system,” said team owner and driver Todd Kelly. “Everything else available from other teams wouldn’t fit in our car for a number of reasons – there’s a number of clashes with how things are mounted and how things are made.

“We would have needed to cut up another team’s leg protection to the point where it really wasn’t worth trying to do that. It was actually easier to tool up and design our own, which is a pretty big job,” Kelly added.

“You need to quite a bit of CAD work and it’s a specific design and material spec that Supercars have specified. The tooling, moulds and production is a reasonable exercise but a really good thing that the category is doing. It certainly makes you feel a little bit better as a driver knowing that the level of safety is improving above its already excellent standard.”


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