IndyCar concludes its aerokit tests with street course simulation

27 September 2017

IndyCar’s new aerokit for 2018 has completed its testing, after four cars and six drivers put it through its paces at Sebring.

The new aerokit, which will be used by all competitors in 2018, has significantly less downforce than the previous generation. Of the downforce that it does provide, 66 per cent will be generated from underneath the car.

Sebring was chosen because its short course most closely resembles the tight, concrete-lined street circuits that make up nearly a third of the series schedule. It therefore also provided a good chance for drivers to test out the new Dallara IR-12’s road and street brake systems.

“I was locking up the rears in every turn,” said Oriol Servia, one of the test drivers. “I cannot really brake. It’s just so loose. But they’re not letting me work on the setup. It’s a little frustrating, but I understand it. This is the job we have. … That’s why they came here.”

Data gathered from all tests is being turned over by IndyCar to all of the teams so that no-one gains a competitive advantage when team testing begins in January. Teams are set to receive their allotment of universal kits in the autumn, giving them time to fit them to the new chassis before team testing commences in the new year.


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