Hybrid power ‘a key topic’ for future Supercars

31 May 2018

Hybrid technology is something that Virgin Australia Supercars CEO Sean Seamer is exploring ahead of the Next Generation evaluation that will be complete by the end of 2018. The ruleset for the current category is fixed until the end of 2021, including the control chassis that was first introduced in 2013 with the Car of the Future.

The most prominent of the new powertrains discussed for the next generation is the V6-turbo, with and Holden both working on new V6s. However in the future, hybrid powertrains, which are currently allowed should a manufacturer present a proposal that fits within the parity requirements of the series, may instead be encouraged or even made compulsory, said Seamer, who emphasised that the idea was in its very early stages.

“We’re looking at Next Generation for 2021, and I think that everybody’s sort of been saying, ‘well, what next?’” he stated on Supercars’ website. “There’s a process that a team on the Commission is working through between now and the end of the year to define what Next Generation looks like, the car of the future. That gives us the full two years to work through development and implementation into 2021.

Seamer also added that the manufacturers were going to be involved in the discussions, in order to ensure that the new powertrain works for them, and matches their long-term product road map.

“Hybridisation is obviously a key topic, so we’ll make sure we do our due diligence on that.”

Although Seamer is currently in talks with the manufacturers, there is, as of yet, no specifics about what form any hybridisation might actually take.

“I couldn’t possibly predict what the outcome of that exercise is going to be at the end of this year, but when we’ve got something to share, we’ll make sure that we do, but it’s still very early days,” he concluded.


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