Work underway on first Mustang Supercars

12 July 2018

Work to convert a Ford Falcon FG X into the first Mustang Supercar is being carried out by DJR Team Penske at its base in Stapylton, Queensland. Supercars rules dictate that the Mustang bodywork must be designed to fit over the category’s control chassis, which means that teams are therefore able to convert cars from model to another, simply by changing the panelling and bracketing.

The new Mustang body is going on Chassis DJRTP, which was used for the series’ tyre and aerodynamic testing last year but has since been unused as the team’s spare. This means that DJR Team Penske has already been able to start prepping it for the new body.

“We’ve begun stripping that car in the last week,” DJRTP managing director Ryan Story told the series’ website. “The plan is that the car will do the homologation testing and then become a spare for next season. We’ll build one brand new car and convert one of the two current race cars for use in 2018.”

Other teams are also running a similar plan, with Tickford Racing using two chassis in-build that will debut as Mustangs, while two of the team’s current Falcon’s will be converted over.

“Our plan at the moment is to be re-skinning two cars and building two new cars,”explained team principal Tim Edwards. “We’ve got one new shell sitting there that has already been assembled, excluding the elements that intersect with the external surfaces, and there’s another underway on the jig.

“We had a build plan for shells anyway, and once we knew Mustang was real and happening, it was a case of ‘we’ll get it to that point’. We identified what that point was, took it off the jig and started building another one to that point as well.”


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