TCR to adopt common ECU from 2020

22 August 2018

The group behind the TCR car concept, WSC Ltd, has announced that it is planning to introduce a standard ECU from 2020, as part of its ongoing bid to ensure parity between different competitors.

The standardised ECU will mean that the WSC’s technical department will more easily be able to check the performance of the engines of TCR-homologated cars and as such, more easily make sure that they comply with the TCR regulations in each series, championship, cup and class.

Currently, TCR lends its name to a number of series across the world as well as providing a technical framework that is employed in the World Touring Car Cup. As it stands, teams currently have a free choice of what ECU they use, but the category’s rules state that the manipulation or removal of an ECU sensor is not allowed.

The successful tenderer will be charged with developing, producing and delivering a standardised ECU for all new models, as well as manufacturing ECUs for the estimated 700 cars which have already been manufactured and race to the TCR framework. In addition, the successful bidder will also have to provide the companion data logging software for the ECUs.

The tender submission expires on September 17th 2018, with the TCR ECU being offered as an option on cars as early as 2019, before becoming mandatory on all TCR cars from January 1st 2020.


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