Camaro set to meet Mustang challenge

4 October 2018

Ryan Walkinshaw, co-owner of Walkinshaw Andretti United, has confirmed that his team plans to race a Chevrolet Camaro in 2020 in the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship.

His comments come after an initial feasibility study was completed earlier in the year, which has enabled ‘stage two’ of the project, a complete Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis, to get underway.

“It’s definitely the car we want to race in 2020,” Walkinshaw told Australian newspaper, The Daily Telegraph. “It’s what the fans want and it’s what we want as well. We are doing a case study at the moment. We have been doing a lot of work on CAD and we are moving to CFD now. We are in the second stage after starting our test earlier this year.”

Despite the progress, Walkinshaw has warned that there are difficulties in homologating the Camaro for the Australian series. One area that presents a particular problem is the Camaro’s low roofline and how it will fit over the control chassis, which is set to remain unchanged until at least 2022.

“We just need to ensure it has the performance we need on the racetrack, and to be able to develop the car to current regulations or get Supercars to amend the current regulations,” he added.

“What is most important to us is driver safety and on the current platform it would be very difficult to get the visibility to see over the bonnet…there are a few technical challenges there, especially in the cage.”

The plans for a Camaro on the Supercars grid raises the tantalising prospect of the car battling it out with another classic name, the Ford Mustang, which is set to compete in the series from next year, and make its track debut in the coming weeks ahead of homologation testing in December. The Supercars Mustang has been teased by Ford Australia in the below image, ahead of this weekends Bathurst 1000.


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