Lucas Di Grassi and Alex Wurz launch electric racing championship

7 July 2020

Formula E champion Lucas di Grassi and Former Formula 1 driver Alex Wurz have teamed up to launch the world’s first-ever international electric race scooter series.

The championship, which is set to make its debut next year, will see specially developed high-speed electric scooters racing in the heart of major cities in a bid to make international motorsport more accessible, affordable and sustainable than ever before.

The newly conceived category will also promote the cost, convenience and sustainability benefits of micromobility within the electric mobility landscape.

The new series, dubbed the eSkootr Championship, is the brainchild of motorsport entrepreneur CEO Hrak Sarikissian, and COO Khalil Beschir, a F1 broadcaster and former A1 GP racing driver, and is supported by Di Grassi and Wurz. It will see purpose-built racing scooters, capable of speeds up to 100 km/h, which have been developed in partnership with a tech company, being piloted around some of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities. Because of the very low cost of entry, competitors in the series are set to come from many different backgrounds, from traditional car and motorbike racing backgrounds, to cyclists, skaters, snowboarders and even esports racers.

As well as providing close and exciting racing, the series’ organisers also hope the new category will also highlight the suitability of micromobility for our times, showing an escape from congestion, pollution and car dependency.

To this end, at each venue city, the eSkootr championship will bring together representatives from government, industry and civil society to help define policies and practices to build a more sustainable and deliverable vision of future urban transportation.

Watch video

A teaser video gave a glimpse of the new series

Di Grassi, who also acts as Clean Air Advocate for the UN, explained the value of the new series:

“As the world increasingly looks to sport for leadership in social responsibility, we’re also seeing a growing requirement for conventional motorsport to adapt, develop and diversify.

“The concept of a new series, operating on a global scale with professional participants, yet running with a carbon-zero footprint and offering solutions for a better, more mobile society is a fascinating glimpse toward a more accessible and sustainable way to go racing.

“As we’ve already seen with Formula E, there is considerable scope for disruption within the electric mobility space – both on and off the track. And, as the discussion around micromobility grows, the Electric Scooter Championship is perfectly placed to amplify the benefits of clean, sustainable transport solutions within our everyday lives.”

“This is the start of real – and important – growth for micromobility within motorsport,” he concluded.


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