Leading pressure sensor company servicing global motorsport teams and engine manufacturers for many years.

Leading global motorsport teams and engine manufacturers have trusted the reliability and performance of Druck’s pressure sensors for many years.

Druck is able to provide sensors which meet the demands of the size, weight and material constraints for a variety of applications and fluids including fuels, oils, coolant and hydraulic system pressures, in demanding environments with high temperatures and vibration levels.

Druck offers an extensive range of sensors within the motorsport sector with the current portfolio comprising of the 4200, 4300, 4400 and 4400T. The small but mighty sensors are built for accuracy and precision to support data gathering in automotive applications.

It is excited to announce its latest innovation, the 4400T, a combined pressure and temperature sensor, designed specifically for the Motorsport sector providing unrivalled levels of accuracy and reliability. Combining two sensors into one, race engineers don’t have to accommodate extra sensors into complex engine and chassis designs and will benefit from simple and quick verification.

The 4400T is the next evolution of Druck’s highly successful 4400 series, used widely for many years throughout the top tier Motorsport sector. The 4400T offers all the benefits of a small, highly accurate pressure sensor with the added benefit of a PT1000 temperature sensor.

With a strong track record of design and manufacturing products in the harshest environments, including the motorsport sector, Druck is pleased to announce its new partnership with Elite Sensors Ltd.

Entrenched in Motorsport, the Elite Sensors Team have worked with the highest performing companies across the sector, developing, adapting and fine-tuning sensing technology to enhance vehicle performance.

Adding Druck’s pressure and measurement sensors will complement the extensive portfolio of engine and chassis sensors. Its partnership will also enable customers to access a range of supporting instrumentation and interface equipment helping provide the critical edge in competition. Elite Sensors also specialises in multi-channel interface units to capture results from an array of sensors.

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