L.A. SLEEVE manufactures centrifugally spun-cast cylinder sleeves for an assortment of industries. Automotive, heavy duty, industrial, motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile and marine are the most prominent, but L.A. SLEEVE is not limited to these. We provide cylinder liners for original equipment manufacturers to a single custom designed sleeve. L.A. SLEEVE continues to be owned and operated by the third and fourth generation of the Metchkoff family. We are dedicated to uphold the family tradition of quality manufacturing, excellent service and modern technology.

L.A.SLEEVE…. the American Made Sleeve Liner

Does “American Made” matter anymore? Does anyone care? The world’s engine builders, engineer’s and car enthusiasts have traditionally looked to America’s top manufacturers for quality, ingenuity and technological advancements in motor performance. Leading manufacturers and engineers from England, Germany or Scandinavian countries may disagree. But, evidence will prove America’s desire to be the best at all endeavors made the American workforce output the world’s leader since World War II.

As the global economy grows by the day, so do the worlds outlets for manufacturing options. Markets have opened up for leading manufacturers to take their production overseas to China, South America, India, etc. Consequently, economies are opening up for the citizens of these countries as well. They’ve got money and cars, and they want to spend it. And although the mass production of engine parts is occurring in those areas, we’re actually finding the engine builders from China, South America, etc. are now calling us for a quality cylinder sleeve liner. Yes, they are spending money, but they want to spend it wisely. They will actually search out our sleeve liners, to install in their engine builds. It’s serendipity of sorts, but it should be wakeup call for leading American manufacturers to uphold their brand quality to the rest of the world.

In the U.S., there are a handful of sleeve manufacturers left. Those of us who counted on Ford, Chevy or Chrysler are reinventing our company. We’ve supplanted the high volume sleeve production numbers. The new L.A.SLEEVE business model forced us to work closely with engine builders from all racing markets. Knowing the high volumes were likely not coming back, we were motivated to offer a sleeve liner which was better than the rest. We began working with engine builders from NASCAR, F-1, Road Racing, Rally Car, Top Fuel Drag Racing, Circle Track and Indy Car. The demands placed upon our engineers were challenging. The result has been nothing short of groundbreaking.

We were forced into producing a sleeve that would win championships, period. The only American manufactured sleeve made in MOLY2000 ductile iron. Brinell hardness of 275 ( 98.7 Rockwell B ) our material now has greater density than any other sleeve. Greater material density provides consistent grain flow micro-structure. Our centrifugal process involves patented procedures to control our desired graphite and matrix distribution throughout the sleeve. Moly2000 ductile is wear and shock resistant, ensuring the piston ring rides a stable bore surface, creating ring seal compression boundries. Metallurgical high carbon ferrous material properties of molybdenum, nickel, graphite nodules, copper, silicon and chromium provide ultimate load bearing ability. Continuous roundness, hardness and concentricity offers “no worry” parts to build the best cylinder sleeve any motor can run.

We take pride that good old fashioned American made quality and ingenuity is available in all of our sleeve liners. Isn’t that what every manufacturer should take pride in? Just because your company’s everyday product isn’t going into a race car, all your parts should be race car worthy.

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