ACO: Major focus is on cost reduction

27 October 2016

Pierre Fillon, president of the Automobile Club de l’Ouest (ACO), has said reducing costs for manufacturers is a major focus of the organisation.

In the wake of Audi Motorsport realigning its motorsport strategy, choosing to concentrate its efforts on Formula E rather than WEC, Fillon took the opportunity reaffirm the governing body’s priorities. “To reduce costs for manufacturers is a major focus for the ACO, in partnership with the FIA,” he said. “Furthermore, these two organisations have clearly set the course for the coming years: stay at the forefront of innovation while offering the best possible platform for new technologies in preparation for the cars of tomorrow.

“Hybrid technology and electric motors are already part of our daily lives in endurance racing,” Fillon said. “The changes to the technical regulations towards hydrogen-electric power responds straight away to the energy requirements of this new era.

Fillon was careful to add that the WEC and 24 hours of Le Mans has a future, with BMW  confirmed to be returning to the 24 hour race in 2018. “One door closes and, at the same time, another one opens with the already-announced arrival of other manufacturers.”



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