Autosport International launches #Autosport2090

2 September 2019

The Autosport International Show is launching the #Autosport2090 project inviting students to outline their vision of the future of motorsport across F1, Endurance Racing and off-road competition.

The project coincides with Autosport International and F1’s 70th anniversary.  #Autosport2090 will invite students, fans and engineers to consider the future direction of motorsport; from the design of race cars, the changing role of a race driver and the future design of race circuits. These ideas will be analysed and debated with the most inspiring concepts being displayed at Autosport International 2020 in Birmingham.

One of the most innovative categories of racing is the Le Mans 24 hours race, which has an even longer history than F1, beginning in 1923. Pierre Fillon, President of the Le Mans organising club, the Automobile Club d’Ouest, has asked students to consider whether cars should be even touching the ground. He said: “In 2090, racers could be flying as well as driving. The cars could be communicating with each other with increased autonomy to support the driver. We envisage pollution-free cars competing at high speed. The role of racing is to inspire and achieve new heights in technology.”

The Le Mans 24h race has a reputation for driving technology in the automotive sector. “We introduced the disc brakes in the 1950s and hybrid power to motorsport in the 2000s. The goal of going faster and further on less energy is key to winning a 24-hour race”, added Fillon.

University engagement

As part of #Autosport2090, leading universities will outline their vision of a future race car, the role of a driver and the design of a race circuit with concepts and 3D renders. Each university will submit their designs to Autosport’s chosen experts, who will then decide the concept that best represents a realistic and inspiring direction for the sport to take.

Universities have played a key role in the development of Formula 1 racing over several decades, as 75% of motorsport research and development takes place in the UK. Top-level universities continue to invest in new technology that prepares students with the changing nature of motorsport.

Industry debate

Designed to create intrigue, #Autosport2090 will engage with a range of industry experts to lead a discussion on the future of motorsport. In an industry that is in a period of transition, motorsport is expected to look dramatically different in 2090.

The debate will include discussions on hydrogen technology, autonomous racing and artificial intelligence that are expected to change the face of motorsport.

The concepts will be displayed during the Autosport International show, which runs from 9th to 12th January at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, UK



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