Back to the future for Historic Racing

8 April 2021

Historic Racing & Technology magazine hosted an impressive line-up of experts at this year’s Autosport International (ASI) Connect, which discussed the ‘Future of Historic Racing’.

ASI Connect’s Virtual show took place on 10-11 March 2021. The ‘Future of Historic Racing’ panel was moderated by Kimberley Media Group’s Managing Director, Adrian Goodsell. He was joined by SCE’s Managing Director, Steve Sapsford, Nicholson McLaren’s Director, John Waghorn, Dr Mark Busfield, Director at National Centre for Motorsport Engineering at University of Bolton and Historic Racing Association’s Co-Founder, Brian Simms.

The panel discussed education and training opportunities for the next generation and the role  that sustainable fuels will play in ensuring that historic racing and the internal combustion engine (ICE) can have a bright future. The panel also focused on the public image of the sport and look at how the launch of the Historic Racing Association will play an important role in historic racing’s continued success.

Watch the panel below….



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