FIA WRC appoints sustainable P1 Racing Fuels

6 May 2021

FIA World Rally Championship has appointed P1 Racing Fuels as its exclusive provider for the series to provide 100% sustainable fuels.

The three-year agreement commences in 2022 and followed a tender process that started in November 2020.

The World Motor Sport Council has approved P1 Racing Fuels in line with the introduction of the new generation of power units, which integrate the hybrid technology in Rally1 class vehicles.

The FIA will introduce the 100% sustainable fuel that is a fossil-free hydrocarbon-based fuel, with a blend of synthetic and bio-fuel components. It will be the first of its kind to be used in a FIA World Championship series, powering the high-performance engines.

The P1 Fuels team brings together in-depth technical knowledge, a commitment to R&D, and a combined three decades of experience in racing to deliver cutting edge performance fuels for multiple motor sport series.

The aim of selecting a sustainable fuel provider is to enable the FIA and the WRC Promoter to supplement the introduction of hybrid technology for Rally1 with a fuel that uses sustainable source materials to ensure a marked reduction in net CO2 emissions, but has the same performance characteristics and the closest possible price point to the current fuel.

Following an extensive analysis of the respondents by the WRC Commission and the FIA Sporting Department, P1 Racing Fuels was designated as offering the best overall offer across key factors:

  • Percentage of sustainable elements compliant with FIA standards in the proposed fuel
  • ‘Drop-in’ compatibility of the fuel with existing WRC technical specifications
  • Cost per litre for the competitors
  • Technical competence

Jean Todt, FIA President said: “The FIA is strongly committed to lead motor sport and mobility into a low carbon future to reduce the environmental impacts of our activities and contribute to a greener world. By introducing sustainable fuel made from synthetic and bio components, along with the hybrid technology for Rally1, we are taking a significant step on our path towards the new era of the FIA World Rally Championship in 2022.

Environment is a key pillar of the Purpose Driven initiative and together with our energy partners, we will continue showcasing innovative solutions towards a sustainable future by combining the best technological and environmental performance.”

Martin Popilka, CEO at P1 Racing Fuels, said: “Motorsport has long been an arena where innovations that shape the future of mobility are born. This is why P1 Fuels is especially proud to bring the first fully renewable fuel to the stages of the WRC. Our proprietary formulation is the product of four years of research and innovation, representing a first in the world of racing technology, but also, an important step towards carbon neutral engines as part of the future of sustainable mobility.

Providing an innovative, sustainable and cost-efficient fuel available at scale is not only exciting for the world of motor sport, but the world of motoring, a promising sign that the future of carbon-neutral production automobiles is now a step closer to reality.”

Jona Siebel, WRC Promoter CEO, said: “The technology behind sustainable fuels is changing rapidly. Therefore, a lot of effort was invested to find the best available solution – and we can be proud of the outcome. The chosen blend of advanced biofuel and innovative e-fuel components makes WRC a real leader in sustainable motor sports with everyday cars. The WRC is a tremendous platform to develop and validate this innovative fuel in mass-produced vehicles, on real roads and under all circumstances. What we will learn by using this fuel on the WRC stages can ultimately benefit road users all over the world.”


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