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13 May 2021



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INDY AUTONOMOUS CHALLENGE: Can a $1 million shootout for autonomous cars at Indianapolis Motor Speedway transform both the AV industry and our perception of it? Mark Skewis talks to one of the key movers behind the Indy Autonomous Challenge

PADDY LOWE: The architect of so much success in Formula 1, Paddy Lowe is now bringing that same demanding mindset to a far more important challenge. Chris Pickering finds out more

OPEL TURNS UP THE (ARTIFICIAL) VOLUME: How Opel grabbed the EV nettle – a lack of noise – and introduced a sound system on its Corsa-e Rally car

GREEN TECH: Chris Pickering talks to Romain Aubry, TOTAL’s Motorsport Technical Manager, about the implications of the world’s first portable hydrogen refuelling station for motorsport

ELECTRONICS: The ability of Cosworth’s ground-breaking Alive Drive system to dovetail video and data has ripped up the traditional ‘Driver’s Book of Excuses’ in the British Touring Car Championship. Now it could transform the way we follow motor racing too. Chris Pickering explains

CAR TECH: Luke Ramsey examines the rise of the Revolution Race Cars A-One from an audacious idea to the giddy heights of the F1 support bill



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