Williams Racing unveils new ear of its F1 brand

17 February 2022

Williams Racing unveils new ear of the Williams brand in its FW44 F1 car for the 2022 FIA Formula One season.

The design, featuring a contrasting diamond shape and flashes of red and blue, embodies the exciting new era of the Williams brand, whilst still retaining the classic team spirit.

Designed in line with the 2022 Formula One regulations implemented to encourage closer racing, the FW44 features aerodynamic modifications; including over-wheel winglets and wheel covers, 18” low profile Pirelli tyres and rolled tip rear wings. The new identity also sees changes to the front wing and nose, as well as underfloor tunnels that will allow cars to create efficient downforce through ground effect. The 2022 power unit will run on a more sustainable fuel, and the new and improved cars will also have greater safety features.

Jost Capito, CEO & Team Principal: “The new visual identity of the 2022 car perfectly encapsulates these characteristics that the staff, drivers and fans have demonstrated time and time again. As we move into the new era of our sport, the FW44 highlights the transition to the future, as well as acknowledging the timeless qualities that make us who we are. Last season we were thrilled and proud to make such strong advancements as a team, with a number of well-earned points-scoring results in addition to a podium. Looking forward, we want to build on this success, and the FW44 perfectly embodies these ambitions to return to the front of the grid. I look forward to witnessing this progression with Nicholas and Alex at the helm.”

Driver, Alex Albon, commented: “The FW44 livery is clean and simple. I’m sure it will be a little bit of a learning curve as we all try to learn how to get the most out of the new regulations, but the objectives and the way that we focus on this car is very much the same as in previous years. Ultimately, we’re all still trying to get a racing car around a track as quickly as possible.”


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