A new innovative e-Axle system in collaboration with McLaren Applied Technologies and Hewland Engineering

12 September 2018

The e-Drive division of Integral Powertrain [Integral e-Drive] is pleased to announce a collaboration with McLaren Applied Technologies and Hewland Engineering on a new innovative e-Axle system engineered and designed to accelerate the automotive industry’s drive towards electrification.

After months of design and validation studies the e-Axle system will be jointly launched to the world by Integral e-Drive and McLaren Applied Technologies at the 2018 CENEX Low Carbon Vehicle (LCV) event on 12-13 September being held at the world renowned Millbrook proving ground.

The CTU-400 e-axle system is the expertise fusion of McLaren Applied Technologies power electronics, Integral e-Drive’s record breaking electric motors and Hewland’s performance transmissions. It features integrated highly efficient inverter technology from McLaren Applied Technologies, two 200kW permanent magnet motors from Integral e-Drive and two reduction gear sets for torque vectoring from Hewland Engineering.

Incredibly compact and light weight, the CTU-400 also provides an advantage in its simplicity to vehicle manufacturers by only needing a single high voltage DC connection from the battery and a single communication connection to the rest of the vehicle, providing an unparalleled overall power density of 4.4kW/kg. Bespoke variants can be provided to suit customer performance and package requirements.

Tim Strafford, Automotive Director, McLaren Applied Technologies, said:

“The CTU-400 represents what can be achieved when three leaders in their fields come together to prove what is possible.  Designed for the automotive market, McLaren Applied Technologies is proud to be developing the inverter technology to ensure that the CTU provides a simple, compact and efficient solution, but with class leading performance.”

With a 20 year track record in powertrain engineering, Integral e-Drive lead the way with their record breaking SPM motor technology. Focussed on high performance electric motor technology, their proprietary core technology is configured to deliver world class leading e-Drives exactly matched to the performance and package requirements of client projects.

Simon Mead, Development Manager, Integral Powertrain said:

“Integral Powertrain have always pushed the boundaries of e-drive technology working with clients around the world to find the best solution to meet their requirements. There is no doubt that the future of automotive industry is in electric powertrains. This collaboration, utilising the expertise of all 3 companies, has produced an impressive technical solution that is cutting edge in terms of technology, can be made competitively in small and high volume and is scalable in design. I think you will struggle to find anything as power dense on the market that is not in a motorsport application.”

This system requires minimal integration effort for hybrid and electric vehicles in automotive and motorsport applications, is self-contained and designed to be sited adjacent to a high voltage battery.

Steve Robins, CEO of Hewland said:

“Hewland have over a decade of experience in high performance electric drives. The CTU uses the latest design and materials technology to optimise efficiency and weight. This combined with our high volume manufacturing capability within Hero Hewland makes the technology competitive in low and high volume performance applications”

Product can be viewed at Cenex on either of two stands; McLaren Applied Technologies on stand C3-106 or Integral e-Drive on C3-502


CTU 400 e-Axle System fuses market leading technologies form Integral Powertrain, McLaren Applied technologies and Hewland Engineering


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