Bcomp awarded most innovative motorsport product of the year at the World Motorsport Symposium

12 December 2018

“For the first time since carbon fibre entered the motorsport market 37 years ago, there is an alternative material for bodywork, and clearly a step to prepare motorsport for the future and to attract new generations.”, RACE TECH Editor-in -chief, William Kimberley, motivated the win.

The Swiss high-tech company Bcomp has developed sustainable light weighting solutions that can replace carbon fibres in motorsport bodywork without  compromising performance.

Added benefits include up to 30% better cost efficiency, safer work environment and safer crash behaviour without toxic carbon dust and sharp shattering.

At end of life, parts can be ground into a new base material or incinerated within the normal waste management system.

To win the prestigious Don Burgoon Most Innovative New Motorsport Product of the Year award is an incredible honour and an important step on Bcomp’s path to enter the motorsports market as the first real alternative to carbon fibres.

Both the Gillet Vertigo for Pikes Peak and the Electric GT racing adapted Tesla, as well as the ALTER motorbike by DAB Motors for YAMAHA are featuring the materials.

Bcomp’s unique approach to apply the latest composites knowledge to natural fibres have caught the interest of many the proprietary reinforcement solution powerRibs™ and the ampliTex™ technical fabrics are being further developed within the European Space Agency’s Clean Space program with the aim of making space exploration more sustainable and there are ongoing development projects with global auto-motive OEMs as well as within commercial aerospace.

The  World  Motorsport  Symposium  is called “the Davos of Motorsports”and  collects  leading  decision makers for two days to discuss the future of motorsports.


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