Bcomp picks up prestigious WMS Award

5 December 2018
Bcomp wins the prestigious Don Burgoon Most Innovative New Motorsport Product of the Year award at this year’s World Motorsport Symposium Awards.

It was a case of the magnificent seven in this year’s Don Burgoon Most Innovative New Motorsport Product of the Year award. Everyone was a winner in its area but the decision was made to give it to Bcomp from Switzerland for its alternative to carbon fibre with natural fibres which is clearly a step to prepare motorsport for the future.

Bcomp’s has created more environmentally friendly natural fibre materials, AmpliTex technical fabrics and PowerRibs reinforcements. The fibres are being test under conditions comparable to those in Low Earth Orbit, as part of its partnership with the European Space Agency and its participation in the ESA Clean Space Programme.

The fibres are aiming to replace carbon fibres as they are 20% stiffer at equal weight, up to 30% most cost-efficient, and significantly safer without the sharp shattering of carbon fibres, with three times the vibration damping. They are also nicer and safer to work with and can simply be burnt for heat together with normal waste at the end of its life cycle.

RACE TECH Editor-in-chief and Judge, William Kimberley said: “For the first time since carbon fibre entered the motorsport market 37 years ago, there is an alternative material for bodywork, and clearly a step to prepare motorsport for the future and to attract new generations.”


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