Chell completes extensive scanner range

10 February 2021

Chell Instruments, has completed its scanner range which features some of the smallest, fastest and most accurate pressure scanners available on the market.

The gas measurement and control experts, launched  their MicroDaq, nanoDaq and nanoDaq-LT ranges now features over 25 products.

Nick Broadley, Managing Director of Chell Instruments, says “All our products are designed for the very best performance and manufactured right here in the UK. It’s a testament to our engineering team that we’ve developed such a comprehensive range of products which lead in so many areas!”

Chell’s says its nanoDAQ-LTC-16 is the smallest available on the market. The compact pressure scanner measures only 50mm by 23mm by 9mm but has the same advanced calibration and thermal compensation as the rest of the nanoDaq-LT range. The intelligent scanner’s compact size means it can be used in challenging applications and environments with limited space and access.

Chell’s nanoDAQ32 holds the prestigious accolade of being the fastest pressure scanner available on the market. The miniature pressure scanner can produce fully compensated engineering unit data at a frequency of 4kHz per channel. Combined with its compact size, it makes it a powerful tool for dynamic applications such as wind-tunnel testing.

In addition, Chell’s microDAQ is still the benchmark for high accuracy pressure data acquisition. The ‘single box solution’ provides complete pressure scanning with outputs of over Ethernet and CAN. However, it does so with an accuracy level of better than 0.05% of full scale.

“Our range has grown to satisfy the specific and varied needs of our clients. With each challenge they present, we seek to deliver the very best solution. In a way it was unintentional, but this continual quest to support our clients has ultimately led to us being very proud to say we have the smallest, fastest and most accurate solutions available!” concludes Broadley.

Chell Instruments have supplied and manufactured pressure and gas flow measurement and control instrumentation since they were established in the 1970’s Their products are used for high accuracy pressure, temperature and flow testing within sectors including motorsport, aerospace, pharmaceuticals and energy. In early 2020 they became part of the SDI Group of companies.


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