Cosworth launches the AliveDrive Race app

4 December 2020

Cosworth has launched the AliveDrive Race app has given users of the already existing PDR (Performance Data Recorder) a fresh new way to analyse and share their driving data.

The integration of PDR into the infotainment system has facilitated easy accessibility to driving data which is synced with the onboard camera allowing video and data overlays to be at the users’ fingertips.

Cosworth has supplied GM with our PDR since 2012. Adding the AliveDrive Race app has allowed Cosworth to view data directly on any compatible Android or Apple device. The app enables data sharing between drivers and their coaches, facilitating a new digital communication channel, that keeps up with the endless development in technology we have all come to rely on when it comes to communicating from a distance.

The future of the AliveDrive ecosystem will see developments to further exploit the benefits of connected data, such as real-time GPS tracking and alerts sent from the car to vehicle owners’ devices. This will provide an important extra layer of safety and security for owners and drivers.



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