EPARTRADE forging new ground in worldwide racing industry with innovative parts-sourcing platform

3 October 2018

LOS ANGELES (June 5, 2018) – EPARTRADE, a global trade-only online parts-sourcing platform debuts today for the racing industry. Introduced by a veteran group of motorsports business professionals led by Founder Francisque Savinien, EPARTRADE, allows racing suppliers and racing buyers to connect worldwide 24/7.

Through EPARTRADE, suppliers can list their products online, allowing them to introduce their latest developments immediately to qualified buyers from all over the world. In addition, during the month of June, companies and race teams are invited to pre-register to be among the first to access the site.

“Racing is year-round,” explained Savinien. “Thirty years ago, you would prepare your car over the winter and take it out for the new season. Today, there are new parts coming out every day, every week and every month. Suppliers get excited when they have new products, and with EPARTRADE they can promote them on a platform where buyers from around the world can find them immediately.”
EPARTRADE features products and services designed for every form of racing,

“This is the ideal platform for all racing suppliers large and small to connect to high-volume repeat buyers and be on an equal footing with the more established companies,” said Judy Kean, co-founder, overseeing North American sales. “This will be the number one source for racing businesses and race teams to find new products and technology.”

Just as EPARTRADE provides manufacturers and distributors with an affordable platform to market their products, it offers teams, engine builders, fabricators, and other racing professionals the ability to access new parts and information in a fast and efficient manner.
“As a one-car team competing against numerous multi-car teams, it’s impossible to match their in-season development,” relayed Cruz Pedregon, owner of the NHRA Snap-on Funny Car. “EPARTRADE will provide us the opportunity to find the latest parts in mid-season and help level the playing field.”



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