New Technical Centre for rapidly growing Integral Powertrain.

21 March 2018

Market leading powertrain and e-Drive solutions provider Integral Powertrain Ltd is investing in a 3 acre site which will see the company build a new state-of-the- art Technical Centre at Shenley Wood, Milton Keynes, UK.

The company’s recent success has seen it outgrow its existing locations and expansion has become necessary to ensure the levels of service and quality its customers have come to expect is maintained. Planned to be operational by Q3 2019, the new facility represents an initial investment of £6m, excluding facilitisation, and more than a doubling of the floor area to 47,000 sq. ft. compared to the existing Technical Centre and its annex in Bletchley.  There is potential to further increase this by internal expansion to 59,000 sq. ft.

Once fully operational, the facility can cater for over 250 staff. A twin link connects the offices to a large workshop, which houses eight new purpose build test cells with support areas, material handling, inspection, machining facility, electrical and mechanical prototype build and a low volume production manufacturing area as well as zones reserved for four additional cells.

The new site allows for further growth and expansion to mirror future business expectations.
Integral Powertrain’s upgraded vehicle emissions and climate test facility will remain at its existing location in Kiln Farm, Milton Keynes.

Integral Powertrain Ltd is at the leading edge of its industry and continues to invest in R&D to maintain technical leadership and extend the boundaries of what is possible with electric machines. At its heart are its employees.

“We are proud to announce our investment in the new Milton Keynes Technical Centre, marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the growth of Integral Powertrain,” said John McLean, Integral Powertrain Director of the new facility. “It will serve to support our future expansion plans for the business and on a personal level it also rewards the employees that have given so much to -the business, providing them with a great working environment, a state-of -the-art facility and a basis on which the team can build a legacy for the future.


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