Opinion piece: Cosworth’s seamless offering

20 September 2021

We are visionaries. We always have been. Across more than six decades of business, we have strived to innovate and to do things in the unique ‘Cosworth way’. It’s an approach that has served us well over the years, and one that – in challenging times for industry – offers us an advantage as we look towards an exciting future, one that will be driven by technological innovation.

We can’t hide from the difficulties faced by industry as a result of the global pandemic, but our approach gives us a genuine advantage. As a business, we have kept busy, finding that our customers are deriving important benefits from our unique, seamless approach to projects.

In the five years since we opened our Advanced Manufacturing Centre (AMC), it has proven to be a key part of our offering. It has enabled us to provide OEM customers with seamless end-to-end programs (where we take customers’ concepts and bring them to reality, designing them and running the program all the way through to production), that otherwise would have been inconceivable. The AMC has brought to life some unique and niche projects from advanced 2-stroke aerospace engines to the highest revving production V12 engine the world has ever seen, supplied to GMA for their T.50 supercar project.

The future is already here, and we’re pleased to be playing our part in developing tomorrow’s propulsion and intelligent mobility innovations today.

Manufacturers have shown that production and development of technologically advanced vehicles has no sign of slowing down. Industry leaders continue their pioneering work to produce the fastest, most powerful, yet relevant vehicles in this time of demanding ecological and environmental change. We are here to provide technology solutions to suit the unique set of challenges presented to us all in this ever-evolving global climate. Never before has an end-to-end offering been more beneficial to an OEM, particularly for niche volume production – an area where we excel.

We are constantly innovating to keep up with the new demands the automotive, aerospace and marine industries are facing. The current direction, which is clear to most, is moving away from fossil fuels and finding new sources to harness the energy required for mobility. The future energy choices (hydrogen and battery power) have led the industry to focus efforts largely on electric powertrains. With our recent developments in hybrid technology, bolstered by the acquisition of Delta, coupled to our end-to-end production capabilities enables us to provide relevant, pre-eminent and inelegant solutions to almost any project manufacturers throw at us, no matter how complex.

Our position in the market and our capabilities have also seen us partner with companies capable of injecting revolutionary technologies into the automotive sector. From LiDAR to connected mobility data, we are always searching for innovations that will keep us at the forefront of future propulsion and mobility solutions.


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