Wind tunnel upgrade deployed remotely

14 August 2020

Even at times of crisis, Cosworth is ready to support our customers’ projects to ensure that mission critical developments are not hampered despite external influences.

For a globally operational company like Cosworth, which thrives on international collaboration, the COVID-19 pandemic offered an unprecedented challenge. Using its typical resilience and problem-solving skills, its team has risen to the challenge, supporting customers remotely without any compromise to its usual high standards.

One such example in recent months has been with Japanese car manufacturer, DOME, who have seen significant improvements in their wind tunnel operations as a result of deploying the Cosworth Motion Controller (CMC).

Its CMC, the latest addition to the Diablo advanced test and measurement suite, exists to improve productivity and maximise repeatability in a wind tunnel testing environment.

DOME is the latest company to benefit from its advantages, with initial results demonstrating a time saving of between 40% and 50% per move within the tunnel, and an overall reduction in test duration of 15%.

DOME’s wind tunnel improvements are reflective of results shown in previous deployments of the CMC at Penske Technology Group (PTG) and by leading Formula 1 teams. By leveraging the speed and accuracy of EtherCAT®, the CMC provides dynamic and precise attitude control of wind tunnel models and full-size vehicles.

DOME has been able to see immediate gains but, with Cosworth’s continuous remote support, the company will continue to make refinements for additional improvements over time. The achievements in this particular instance were made more impressive by the fact that CMC upgrade had to be deployed and commissioned remotely, due to COVID-19 restrictions. Another great example of how Cosworth rises to the challenge to exceed expectations for customers.

The CMC is available now as part of our wide range of wind tunnel technology solutions: Click Here.

DOME CO.LTD Headquarters Japan



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