Longman Racing

With nearly 50 years in the business, Longman Racing is specialists in motorsport electronics, engine mapping, vehicle calibration and much more.

With nearly 50 years in the business, Longman Racing specialises in motorsport electronics, engine mapping, vehicle calibration and much more.

Combining the modern world of high performance racing with the heritage of Richard Longman & Co, it is specialists in motorsport electronics, engine management systems, wiring looms, data-logging and engine mapping/vehicle calibration services. It is also the official UK sales, support and service of EFI Technology s.r.l products.

Longman Racing Ltd is a UK based company with its headquarters based in Christchurch, Dorset. The company provides UK and Worldwide support for its products on site, at the race track or Customer facility.

EFI Technology S.r.l. is an OEM approved supplier of high-tech engine management units and automotive vehicle control systems based in Bologna, Italy. Along with EFI, Longman Racing also cherry picks from a few selected other trusted electronics suppliers from EU and USA.

Its experience and high-level resources allow Longman Racing Ltd to provide a wide range of electronic solutions for both motorsport and automotive development purposes. Modern or classic engines normally aspirated or forced induction, port fuel injection or direct injection.

Longman Racing Ltd is therefore offers a complete and comprehensive range of power control electronics, driver interfaces, engine management systems and accessories to suit all levels of competition, control and complexity.

Aftersales service, technical support and repairs are all provided with the direct support of each of our trusted suppliers.

Based out of our workshops on the south coast, Longman racing is currently installing an upgraded 4WD hub mounted dynamometer test cell to further add to our own in-house development capabilities. These facilities will also be available for private and commercial hire to allow testing and calibration of vehicles behind closed doors, in a controlled environment.

What Longman Racing delivers:

  • Engine Management
    It delivers high performance solutions for engine management across all forms of Motorsport.

  • Motorsport Electronics
    Longman Racing supply and support a wide range of electronic sensors, dash displays and data logging systems.

  • Track Support
    The company can visit your facility or event and provide engine and technical support to suit your needs.

Longman Racing Ltd has its original roots stemming from way back in the early 1970’s. Then saloon car driver & engineer, Richard Longman, said his goodbyes to his employer; Downtown Engineering in 1971. Richard then formed along with his then partners Richard Longman & Co Ltd. This emergent company soon established an enviable reputation which it still holds to many.