Young Calibration

The Young Calibration laboratory provides UKAS accredited calibration (Laboratory 0604) services and thermal fluid and component testing services to a wide scope of industries whilst maintaining a reputation for quality, cost effectiveness, impartiality and reliability.

Young Calibration offers test and development of thermal fluid engine components for performance, durability and remanufacturing. Wind tunnel testing of heat exchangers, radiators, oil coolers and intercoolers. Test bench testing of oil pumps, water pumps, piston cooling jets, valves, wastegates, hoses, fan assemblies, cylinder heads and thermostats.

It has a complete range of durability test facilities for development and destructive testing, for thermal cycling, pressure pulsation, corrosion, erosion, hot & cold soak, altitude, burst, leak, vibration, shake & bake and climatic testing. Component flushing, component cleanliness assessments and microscopic particle analysis.

We specialise in

Test & Development Services for Automotive Components