Fire puts FSG team members in hospital

10 August 2016

A hotel room fire, caused by a battery pack, hospitalised four Chinese students while damaging the room and corridors in Hockenheim, Germany. Three of the four team members were released later the same day and one remained in hospital to receive treatment for burns.

The local police, ambulance and fire service responded to the incident.

German authorities described the occupants as a Chinese Formula Student team, which is believed to be Guangxi Lushan LS Racing, the only Chinese Formula Student running an electric vehicle at the event.

In a statement issued by the organising body of the German Formula Student event, FSG, it said it will support the Chinese team in coopeariting with the local authorities to ‘overcome’ the consequences the team may face.

The team has already been disqualified from the event due to infringing the rules on removing safety critical parts off the event site. A further warning has been issued to all teams taking part this weekend using the incident as an example.


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