Mercedes developing future technical directors

3 September 2016

Aldo Costa, engineering director of Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team, thinks teams face a problem seeking the next generation of technical directors.

With modern race cars becoming evermore technically advanced and engineering departments expanding, well rounded and knowledgable engineers are becoming few and far between.

Engineers are becoming incredibly specialised very quickly, preventing the younger generation from having the opportunities to become future technical directors according to Costa.

“We’ve got this problem, we are looking for the next technical director at Mercedes,” said Costa, “we are trying to do a programme for development of these students who are slightly different, trying to let them understand a bit more widely around the car, to hopefully become the next generation of technical directors.

“People like me, I changed in a team many different types of job to try to understand as much as I could everywhere.

“Now, these days, the young guys get employed and they become specialists and they don’t go around and they don’t grow up with a  general knowledge of the car.”

The motorsport industry is coming to the realisation that more needs to be done than is currently happening in order to establish the next generation of engineers and technical directors.

It is expected more programmes will start emerging in future similar to the Reiter Young Stars which has been extended into 2017.



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