Reiter Young Star programme renewed for 2017

27 July 2016

Reiter Young Stars, the revolutionary motorsport education programme introduced by Reiter Engineering this year will be extended to 2017.

In co-operation with KTM and the Stephane Ratel Organisation (SRO), every team is supported by two emerging engineers and a marketing and business student from one of eight European universities that are involved in the competition. Reiter Engineering assumes responsibility for the logistics of the KTM X-Box GT4 cars between events.

Sebastian Wedgwood, race engineer for RYS Team Holinger and motorsport engineering student at the University of Hertfordshire said, “Since joining the Reiter Young Stars championship this year we have learned far more than I imagined we would. There are no shadowing engineers, so when we arrived in Monza, for example, we sat down for an hour and had everything explained to us in detail, were given our run sheets and then left to run the car.”

The engineering students score points on various aspects of race car engineering, fuel consumption calculations, setup preparation, communication with mechanics and even behaviour over the team radio. Team Holinger currently sit fourth in the engineering points but for Wedgwood the points are a bonus. “I cannot stress enough how important this series is to me and my teammates now. If anybody wants to have a career in motorsport or offer careers in motorsport, this is the way forward,” he said.

“Reiter Engineering has trusted us, and the fact that the series is continuing into 2017 resonates that the fact that the trust placed on us has paid off. Holinger has also been incredibly supportive of us too and it is something we won’t forget and I think it has set an example for other motorsport businesses to follow by supporting the next generation,” he added.

The Reiter Young Stars Cup is taking applications for student engineers and partners now, for those interested applications should be sent to



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