3D Systems

3D Systems delivers leading additive manufacturing solutions and expertise to advance applications and industries. For over two decades, 3D Systems' printing and motorsports expertise helps teams deliver the most innovative solutions, using advanced additive manufacturing systems, materials, software and applications development to increase productivity and get to the track faster.

Gaining a competitive advantage in motorsports requires cutting-edge components, development speed and production flexibility. 3D Systems collaborates to help you meet the innovation challenge, leveraging its additive manufacturing expertise and advanced material developments to help you build, test, and iterate more efficiently. Using these capabilities and its industry knowledge, it’ll help you optimise new designs for high-performance and get effective solutions to the track faster.

Some of the advanced applications for additive manufacturing in motorsports include.

Performance Wind Tunnel Testing

Reduce the time it takes to build, test, and iterate parts for aerodynamic validation. Having 3D Systems additive manufacturing equipment on-site allows you to quickly construct and test a variety of highly accurate metal and plastic parts that replicate finished motorsports components. This makes it possible to incorporate feedback immediately and maximize the time allotted for wind tunnel testing.

Powertrain and Engine

The powertrain and engine area is a constrained space in the core of a race car, key to delivering high performance. Designing and packaging parts for this area is a challenge as parts mounted in this environment must withstand harsh conditions such as heat cycling, vibrations, and corrosive fluids. 3D Systems’ additive manufacturing solutions enable engineers to design components that fit into these constraints and withstand such conditions. Through advanced material science and incredible accuracy, 3D Systems maximizes automotive performance and drives success on the track.

Metal Structural Components

Create metal components that strike a careful balance between low weight and high strength to better manage the extreme forces encountered in a motorsports environment. Following 3D Systems additive manufacturing expertise, you can quickly design and produce metal structural parts that reduce weight, increase efficiency, and achieve strict dimensional accuracy. Quickly create and test multiple part iterations to enhance productivity and maximize structural performance.

Air and Fluid Handling

Enable your engineers to optimize fluid dynamics and work within challenging space constraints. Easily test and produce parts with complex geometries, such as 3D-printed intake manifolds, that can withstand air pressure and flow, are nonreactive, and remain stable over time.

Body Exterior and Panel

Test and create optimized exteriors fast. 3D Systems innovative additive solutions allow you to quickly iterate exterior part designs to reduce drag, improve downforce and aerodynamic impact, and maximize performance.

Fluid and Energy Management (Metals)

Fluid and energy management in motorsports is fundamental to maximizing performance. Part quality and integrity is also essential as parts must possess the strength to resist corrosive materials, including various automotive fluids, as well as high temperatures and harsh conditions. 3D Systems metal additive manufacturing solutions enable your team to design and produce high-quality, complex parts capable of exceeding your performance expectations.

Performance Cast Metal

During the testing and iteration stages of finished metal part production, the ability to quickly cast metal parts is critical. Manufacturing master patterns for investment casting with traditional means was previously a time-consuming process, however 3D Systems additive manufacturing methods offer motorsports engineering and manufacturing teams innovative solutions to rapidly manufacture precise master patterns which are then used to cast high performance metal parts.

The QuickCast stereolithography (SLA) process that 3D Systems developed for investment casting delivers lightweight, accurate master patterns at unprecedented speed and quality. The QuickCast process is ideal for the motorsports market, which often requires low volumes of highly complex parts.

Manufacturing Aids

Manufacturing aids are often used for short-run production in motorsports and customizing jigs and fixtures for specific parts. Manufacturing aids also assist with streamlining production and shortening the time required to complete assembly. 3D Systems additive manufacturing solutions allow aids to be printed quickly and kept on hand as replacements to keep the manufacturing flow running smoothly.