2017 pre season testing to remain at Barcelona

24 October 2016

Red Bull Racing team principal, Christian Horner, has revealed that 2017 pre-season testing will remain in Europe despite Pirelli’s calls to change venues.

As a consequence of Pirelli requesting the FIA to consider changing venues for 2017 pre-season testing, with the Bahrain International Circuit suggested as an ideal venue, the Formula paddock was locked in a heated debate of where the 2017 pre-season tests should take place.

“There’s been numerous debates about this,” said Horner. “We had a meeting with Bernie, a collective of all the teams to discuss winter testing. Indeed there was also a vote with the FIA earlier in the week.

“The way that the regulations are currently written,” he added, “to test outside of Europe would require the unanimous consent of all of the teams and that doesn’t exist so it’s agreed that we will test in Barcelona pre-season.”

Horner continued to add that in order to find a compromise with Pirelli the first of the 2017 in-season tests would take place in Bahrain.



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