Initial 2017 F1 tyre allocations in hands of Pirelli

29 September 2016

Pirelli has decided all teams tyre allocations for the first five races of the 2017 season, due to the 2017 Formula 1 technical regulation shake up.

The World Motorsport Council has conceded the reason for the tyre supplier’s decision is due to the deadline preceding pre-season testing.

Usually teams decide on what tyre strategy it will opt for months before the race in order for the tyres to be manufactured.

However, since the teams will not have access to any track testing with their 2017 cars or tyres by the first deadline, Pirelli are allocating sets for the first five races.

Two sets of the hardest, four of the medium and seven of the softest compound tyres will be allocated for all five races with teams free to allocate tyres as they wish from the Monaco Grand Prix onwards.

In August, the 2017 tyre testing programme commenced programme at Fiorano with a modified Ferrari SF15-T completing installation runs on 2017 width slick tyres.


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