Magneti Marelli named Most Innovative Product of the Year

2 December 2016

Magneti Marelli’s high speed camera has received the prestigious Don Burgoon Award for Most Innovative Product of the Year at the annual Race Tech awards.

Tasked by the FIA to develop a camera that could record in milliseconds the movement of a driver’s head during the crucial moments of impact, Magneti Marelli developed a product which is not much bigger than a USB and could record 400 frames per second compared to the previous standard of 25 fps.

“This product was developed in collaboration with the FIA and the Global Institute for Motorsport and Safety and it was done to help the FIA understand accident behaviour,” said Damien Dussurgey, head of sales and marketing for Magneti Marelli. “Immediately after the first Grand Prix it was already put to the test, helping us and the FIA to understand how to improve the car and safety regulations in the event of heavy incidents.”

The camera faced tough competition from the likes of Bosch Motorsport with its PowerBox 90 (PBX) and Delta Motorsport’s micro turbine EV range extender.

“Today was quite a surprise and for Magneti Marelli it is a great honour to receive this award,” Dussurgey added. “I accept this award on behalf of all of the teams that worked incredibly hard with us to develop this product.”


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