Scuderia Ferrari reveals SF70H

24 February 2017

Scuderia Ferrari has unveiled the SF70H, in which it will contest the 2017 FIA Formula 1 World Championship, at the team’s Fiorano circuit in Maranello.

With new regulations introduced for the 2017 season, the cars are expected to be significantly quicker than in previous years. That’s why the Italian team has focused its efforts on finding the right balance between downforce and aerodynamic resistance.

The SF70H’s lengthened nose and arrow-shaped front wing, for example, are a consequence of the new regulations. Take a closer look at the body work and you’ll spot the complex, rather unusual looking, aero appendages ahead of the air intakes, which are said to have been designed in harmony with the front crash structure.

Behind the driver, you’ll notice that the roll-hoop, which incorporates the engine air intake, has undergone a complete redesign. The suspension layout, however, has been updated but still retains a push rod design at the front with pull rods at the rear.

Unlike the exterior overhaul, Scuderia Ferrari’s hybrid powerplant remains relatively untouched. The one key change in the regulations sees the amount of fuel that can be used by each car throughout a race increase by 100 kg to 105 kg, while the flow rate will remain fixed at 100 kg/hour. This is mostly due to the predicted increase in performance, with cars inevitably spending a larger percentage of laps at full revs.

Ferrari is confident that its 2017 contender is definitely a step up from last season’s package.



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