Low-cost electric single-seater announced

17 March 2017

The result of three and a half years work, the Formulino E car is based on a 2007 Formula 3 Dallara that been developed by a consortium that includes Prospeed Engineering, HERONsports, ACT and Belgian company Punch Powertrain which supplies CVT transmissions principally to the Chinese automotive market as well as to Hyundai and Kia. On this project it is developing the compact integration of battery and drivetrain in a cost-effective overall package. Thierry Deflandre, the former CEO of Circuit Zolder, is the driving force behind the project.


The electric motor is a unique integrated concept with a switched reluctance machine operating at 660V. The EP2-R powertrain delivers up to 120 kW but it can be upgraded to 200 kW (272 hp).  Combined with the low weight of just 600 kg, it sprints to 100 km/h in four seconds and has a top speed over 200 km/h. The package lasts between 15 to 20 minutes and a one-minute battery swap is being evaluated.


The objective is to go into series production at produce 20 cars by end of this year and sold at a target price of €80,000 to racing schools and promoters of support races. The project has no official link with either Formula E or the FIA but it is hoped that it might become a support series for either Formula E or the new Electric GT category.


About the partners and their role in the project:


Punch Powertrain, headquartered in Sint-Truiden, Belgium, with a second R&D location in Eindhoven and with a production facility in Nanjing, China offers a complete portfolio of powertrain solutions —conventional, hybrid and full electric — for the most popular passenger car segments. It developed the main technical characteristics of the vehicle and its drive system (EP2-R) including the battery, electric motor, power electronics and vehicle controls.


Dallara Automobili supplied a F3 Dallara F007 and technical coordination and support.


ProSpeed is one of Belgium’s leading racing teams with wins and titles throughout Europe.


Prospeed Engineering provides logistic support and is a future candidate for assembly and aftersales of Formulino E.


HERONsports offers engineering services for racing and automotive projects and has more than 25 years’ experience in racing series by supporting factory teams ranging from F1 to GT3. As part of new IoT racing tools, HERONsports provides driver interface electronics using integral helmet head-up display, making its debut at Geneva.


ACT is involved in many E-activities ranging from E-MX, E-MTB X, E-Karting, E-Drift, EV Car Sharing, E-Mobility and ECAR Belgium. ACT coordinates and advises the consortium.

The Punch Powertrain EP2-R powertrain delivers up to 120 kW but it can be upgraded to 200 kW



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