Multimatic restructures into high- and low-volume businesses

11 June 2020

Multimatic, the privately held Canadian corporation that supplies engineering components, systems and services to the Ford Motor Company and other brands and overseas the entire assembly of the Ford GT supercar at its own dedicated factory, has announced the creation of a Special Vehicle Operations group (MSVO). The new organisation, led by Larry Holt, executive vice president MSVO, has been formed in response to the company’s continued growth and diversification throughout the global automotive industry. Its engineering organisation has correspondingly grown over the past 30+ years to encompass a varied and diverse number of operations around the world with divisions and facilities across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. However, in the interest of maintaining agility, technical focus and the ability to provide customers with the dedicated and committed support, it was determined that a split of the original organisation into specific areas of expertise was required.

Ford GT MkII

MSVO will be responsible for all vehicle engineering developments as was undertaken for the Ford GT, motorsports engineering projects like the Mazda DPi, and all race team operations, continuing the use of the Multimatic Motorsports identity. Additionally, low-volume vehicle body/chassis manufacture, carbon fibre part production and low-volume niche component supply will also be incorporated within the new MSVO.

Mazda RT24-P operated by Multimatic Motorsports

Multimatic Motorsports will continue to operate on both sides of the Atlantic, from dedicated facilities, providing a unique proposition in the global GT and prototype competition space.

The Multimatic Engineering group will now be led by Jim Holland, a highly experienced automotive engineering executive, with a focus on providing the industrial manufacturing groups of Multimatic with continued product and technology development while maintaining a close relationship with Holt and MSVO to assure a two-way flow of expertise, resource and technical culture.

Commenting on the restructuring, Raj Nair, Multimatic president and chief operating officer, said: “Multimatic continues to grow in both size and technical diversity and this restructuring means we can remain true to our decentralised, agile and innovative operating philosophy. Multimatic is capable of engineering and manufacturing at extremely low and extremely high levels of volume; as well as engineering and manufacturing at the individual component level all the way to a full vehicle level; not to mention our capabilities and accomplishments at the highest levels of global motorsports, this now demands a higher level of specialisation and that is what the split will facilitate.

“This new structure will allow Larry to focus on vehicle engineering and motorsports, while Jim manages the Engineering Group. Jim brings more than 35 years of experience in the automotive industry at Ford Motor Company and Jaguar Land Rover, where he served in progressive engineering leadership roles. Refocusing our engineering leadership team provides a clear structure that will allow us to continue to deliver on our commitment to Strength Through Technology.”

“Multimatic’s model has always been to break the growing businesses down into smaller, more agile operations, and so it has become time for Engineering,” explained Holt.  “After 32 years of continued growth the size and diversity was becoming limiting. High volume component and systems engineering ultimately requires a different approach to the development of an entire low-volume vehicle and so the management of those types of projects has now been split. However, as in the past, engineering resource will be shared as it makes no sense to try and duplicate functions like the best predictive methods organisation in the industry; simulation will stay with the engineering group and continue to grow in size and capability.

“I will now focus on what has become a personal passion and so our motorsports and performance vehicle customers will continue to receive my full commitment. I’m delighted that Jim has agreed to join us to take over the existing engineering operations. It’s extremely gratifying to have a guy of his experience and stature consider it something that he wanted to be involved with. I have known Jim for a long time and can’t think of a better man for the job; I expect to pick-up some wisdom and tricks. We will be working tightly together to move both groups ahead into the future. Although the engineering business continues to work flat-out through the present global crisis we now need to focus on how to emerge safely into a more interactive world than what we have recently been experiencing, as well as figuring out what it will take to test development vehicles and go racing.”

“I have worked with Multimatic for many years as a customer and so know what an incredible pool of talent we have here,” said Holland. “The opportunity to lead the Engineering Group was something that I just couldn’t refuse. I believe that my experience in high-volume product and technology development combined with the unique capabilities of this outstanding group will lead to a great outcome.”

Larry Holt, executive vice president MSVO
Raj Nair, Multimatic president and chief operating officer


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