AP Racing launches FIA approved fixed-floor mounted pedal box

16 September 2020

AP Racing has launched an all-new floor mounted reverse pull-type pedal box. Thanks to its pioneering design and innovative configurations, the CP5596 is considered the market’s most efficient fixed floor mounted solution.

The CP5596 harnesses a unique pull type design, which allows the load through the cylinders to remain in-line during operation. This eliminates the side loads normally present in push type cylinders.

Each of the cylinders is mounted under the driver’s feet for optimum space utilisation and accessibility. To minimise hysteresis and balance variation, the box uses needle roller bearings in the centre trunnion, while ball bearing pivots allow for exceptional pedal smoothness.

The base is machined from solid aluminium billet, while the pedals are machined from aluminium forgings. The entire pedal box, without cylinders, weighs just 3.9 kilograms. Adjustable clutch and throttle pedal stops, alongside adjustable foot pads, are included as standard. CP5596 also features dual mountings for throttle potentiometers, with inboard mounting and the associated sensor available in a separate kit (CP5596-TS).

The AP Racing CP5596 is available in a number of configurations: brake, clutch and throttle; brake and clutch; brake and throttle; and brake pedal only.

Ian Nash, Technical Sales & New Business Manager at AP Racing, commented: “Accurate and predictable brake, throttle and clutch control can make a significant difference to driver performance, comfort, and ultimately, lap times. At AP Racing, we strive to engineer innovative solutions that give motorsport teams a marked advantage on track.

“The CP5596 pedal box combines lightweight materials, innovative mechanics, excellent ergonomics and unparalleled versatility to deliver a highly efficient space-saving pedal system.”



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