Chell Instruments creates mobile jet engine testing facility

27 April 2021

Chell Instruments has launched a completed construction of a unique mobile jet engine test facility.

The testing facility will be used for a leading international aircraft engine manufacturer who requires a mobile solution to test engines undergoing development at various locations around the world.

The unit began life as a custom built 20ft heavy-duty shipping container which has been modified and converted into an expandable, portable testing unit by Chell’s engineers. The million-pound test module will be based in Derby when not deployed at sites around the world.

Jamie Shanahan, Sales Director at Chell Instruments, says “Emissions testing of Jet engines requires a significant amount of complex and specialist equipment. When a leading aircraft engine manufacturer asked us to create a mobile solution with no compromises to the testing capability, we jumped at it. Our portable unit will cut costs by making it convenient to transport the impressive capability anywhere in the world as standard freight.”

Totally unique, the test module has been specifically developed for ease of movement. By utilising a standard shipping container, it can be transported by land, sea or air. It is also expandable for internal space and comfort and is deployable on most surfaces due to its hydraulically auto-levelling design.

The unit has been fitted with state-of-the-art equipment developed by Chell; including analysers, supporting ovens, gas handling hardware, instrumentation and custom IT with touchscreen monitors.

The stand-alone unit gives the user the flexibility to carry out extensive jet turbine testing in compliance with strict industry standards wherever it is required. Its primary application will be in the development of conventional jet engines as they seek to gain greater efficiency and integrate new technologies.

“Not only does it have all the measurement capabilities necessary, we also designed it to support the engineers inside. It has air conditioning, specialist lighting, integrated storage and even a fridge, microwave and music speakers!” continues Shanahan.

The ‘container’, as it has been affectionately christened by the Chell team, also includes customised bulkheads through which the equipment inside can interface with the engine under test. Additional features include external lighting for deployment in the dark and CCTV for engine monitoring during test.

Shanahan concludes: “The shipping container has been a year in the making, so we’re thrilled to finally unveil it and hand it to our client. By eliminating the need to install test equipment in every location or transport via expensive special means, it should slash costs and massively increase flexibility for future aircraft engine development.”



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