New range of Mountune Duratec components now available online

26 February 2018

Mountune Racing have developed a brand new range of high performance Duratec engine components.

For over 35 years mountune has been at the forefront of Ford Four Cylinder engine development and our full range of components has been created alongside to ensure reliable performance across a wide range of applications.

All of its components have been engineered by its in-house motorsport team using proven designs that have been validated under a wide range of conditions, including on road with the BAC Mono, and on track with various RallyCross Championships, SuperCar Lites and Touring Car Championships across the globe.

The new range added includes:

89mm Forged High Compression Pistons

These Pistons can be fitted both in naturally aspirated or forced induction applications. The piston was developed combining mountune’s extensive knowledge of the Ford Duratec engine and motorsport experience and are perfect for use with the mountune Racing 21mm pin diameter forged connecting rods.

Connecting Rods

An essential upgrade alongside the Forged High Compression Pistons. Made in the UK, each connecting rod is robust, and the ‘H’-beam configuration optimises weight without reducing strength. The rods also feature machined tangs to securely loacte the rod bearings and improve bearing retnetion in high cylinder pressure and high RPM engines. Mountune Racing can also provide a Connecting Rod Bearing Set, specifically for use with its rods.

Cylinder Head Gasket

Another mountune Racing engineered part, this Cylinder Head Gasket Multi-Layer is used on the RallyX2 and GRC Lites championships. Originally developed for competition use, our head gasket features a multi-layer steel construction with built in features to ensure a complete seal at the cylinder head to block joint.

Lightweight Duratec Flywheel


Mountune Racing have also developed a Lightweight Duratec Flywheel, machined from billet steel and featuring an internal ring gear. Lighter than the original flywheel, it offers a much lower inertia, giving more available power at the driven wheels, instant throttle response, better acceleration, quicker gear changes and increased engine braking. The mountune Racing team also designs in-house bespoke flywheels to suit various applications with OE and competition clutches.

2.5 Duratec Engine


Its 2.5L Duratec engine features a complete tall block, minus ancillaries and provides the ideal tuner-spec base engine to begin building your race project, and is fully compatible with mountune’s new range of Duratec racing components.

Other new parts engineered and available now through mountune Racing include ARP Flywheel Bolts, which are fitted to the flywheels of all engines prepared by us, Rod Bearings, plus a lightweight competition Front Pulley to replace the standard front pulley damper arrangement.

Check out its collections online for a full listing of all our high performance products.


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