Watch: What to expect from Roborace 2019

16 May 2019

Roborace, the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) racing competition, has kicked off its season in Spain and unveils a snapshot of what to expect for the rest of the year.

Dubbed season Alpha, the inaugural race kicked off on a race track in Monteblanco, Spain.

Season Alpha’s vehicle of choice is the new DevBot 2.0 which can be driven by a human driver or a robot driver.  Roborace supplies identical cars to all teams competing in an event, resulting in the self-driving software developed by the teams being the sole differentiator in the competition.

For the rest of the year organisers have chosen a range of different environments to challenge the capabilities of self-driving software and allow experimentation with various technical challenges as well as wheel-to-wheel racing, making it very different from a traditional racing series.  These environments include race tracks, hill climbs and proving grounds.

“Roborace drivers aren’t born, they are created. Yet even artificial intelligence needs to learn and develop.” Said Roborace Chief Strategy Officer Bryn Balcombe.

“Our Season Alpha naming is really a reflection of the early stage of the self-driving software being developed by competing teams. Season Alpha’s events broaden the challenge beyond just wheel to wheel racing. Competitions are designed to maximise software development and performance across a wide range of the AI driver skills in preparation for Season Beta in 2020. It’s an iterative process of experimentation and will be fascinating to watch this unique evolution of motorsport,” he concluded.



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