Swindon Powertrain develops HPD 80 kW ‘crate’ motor for electric vehicles

28 May 2020

A compact HPD 80kW ‘crate’ motor for electric vehicles and conversions is now available to order from Swindon Powertrain. The package size is now just 441mm x 384mm x 228mm, making it the highest power/volume unit for automotive applications on sale.

Two transmission ratios are available: 11.508 or 6.332. It is suitable for OEMs, niche vehicle manufacturers, electric car conversion companies as well as the enthusiast home mechanic. There are options for inverters, cooling and limited slip differential also available.

With multiple installation points and now with the ability to site the inverter and cooling packs separately, as well as being waterproof, the HPD offers more flexibility to fit in a wide range of vehicles.

This will impact on vehicle acceleration and theoretical top speed which will also vary depending on the vehicle tyre dimensions.



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