Highly-Miniaturised pressure scanner doubles capability

25 March 2019

Evolution Measurement has launched a new scanner in the revolutionary EvoScann P-Series range of highly-miniature pressure scanners for aerodynamic testing.

The EvoScann P-16 continues to deliver highly accurate, fast-response measurements as its P8 predecessor, however with 16 channels, it doubles the data measurement capacity.

The original EvoScann P-Series has been a huge success since its release in 2017. Its unique, compact dimensions have enabled users to make critical measurements in previously inaccessible areas, addressing the challenges of aerodynamic testing of a wide range of items from wind turbine blades, to aircraft wings to Formula One cars. The challenge is in making the measurements as close as possible to the test article and gathering data as quickly and accurately as possible. Often the scanners are mounted inside the model, but this poses a major challenge where space is limited.

In consultation with many customers in the motor-sport world, the need was identified for a scanner that could measure pressures accurately and quickly in very confined spaces, that are also often subjected to high temperatures and much vibration. Evolution Measurement responded to the challenge and through careful design and extensive testing, the P16-Series rugged pressure scanner has been developed that can operate in such arduous conditions. Weighing-in at less than 15g and fully encapsulated in carbon fibre, with a single communications and power lead, the EvoScann P-Series is ideal for a wide range of applications, often being inserted directly inside an aerofoil section where it provides no disturbance to the airflow.

“The P16 demonstrates a real achievement in engineering as we have doubled the channel count whilst retaining our highly-miniaturised footprint. This provides our customers with double the measurement coverage for greater measurement capacity with near-zero increase in occupied volume in the test article,” said Paul Crowhurst, Managing Director of Evolution Measurement.

Crowhurst added; “From launch, the P8- Series customers have been impressed by the capability of the product which has been FIA approved for motorsports, to be used on-car; one of the most challenging of environments for any instrument.”



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